Soft Clear-Up Strips

Elimina los puntos negros y limpia profundamente los poros. La piel lucirá tersa, dejando una sensación de frescura.

  • Información general

    The T-Zone (nose, chin and forehead) areas are most prone to become blocked with dirt, oil, make-up and blackheads. To let your skin breathe again it needs special care. The Soft Clear-Up Strips from NIVEA VISAGE have been specifically designed for extra intensive pore cleansing on your T-Zone. *How does it work?* * The Soft Clear-Up Strips are coated with a special ingredient that when activated by water, bond with the dirt and impurities clogging your pores. * Upon peeling away the strip, the dirt, impurities and blackheads that were in your pores are lifted away on the strips. * The strips with fruit acid and a delightful lemon scent give to your skin a fresh and clean feeling. *What does it mean for your skin? * * The area is instantly and intensively cleansed. Your skin looks clearer. * The appearance of new blackheads is reduced. * Pores are less visible and the skin can breathe again. *Direction for use: *1. After thoroughly cleansing face, wet desired area with water. 2. Apply strip, the extra soft material ensures a good contact with the skin, even upon the difficult shape of the nose. 3. Let the strip dry for 10-15 minutes (maximum). 4. Carefully remove strip. * Recommended usage is not more than once every three days. * Carefully read the instructions and cautions before usage. *Skin compatibility dermatologically approved.*